Welcome to our updated shopping cart!

Welcome to our updated shopping cart!


There still might be some issues with the new cart we're trying to work out but we've opened up for orders!

If all goes well you will receive confirmations for orders and payment instead of a cancellation!

Thanks for understanding!

It's been a long time coming but we've finally updated our shopping cart!

Lot's of soap is made, it will take time to get it all cut, stamped and added to the store!

Request email notification at each variety if you want in stock notification email!

Some of what's new:

  • All pages are now SSL look for the padlock https:// secure browsing experience
  • Product comments - let us know your favorites or how we are doing!
  • More soap sizes, full, half and sample size bars. Coming soon!
  • Account creation - quicker checkout next time you sign in! 
  • Easy reorder - want to hit and run? Future orders can reorder a previous order!
  • PDF receipts
  • Earn customer loyalty points to redeem for future orders! Coming soon!
  • Referral program, our customers have always been our best advertisement. Coming soon!
  • Item out of stock? If you view more info you can request back in stock email notifications.
  • An email will be sent to let you know when the next soap batch is ready to ship!
  • Newsletter sign up so we can inform you of updates and sale codes.

More to come!

Feedback is welcome and encouraged!


We want to make your shopping experience easy and quick.

Let us know if something isn't working as expected or doesn't meet your expectations.

Not everything is completed so expect some glitches!

The first six months will be a test for sure!

Hopefully nothing will go wrong, but please bear with us while we transition over to this new platform.

Content will be evolving over time, rather than wait until everything is added to go live, so expect changes.

Most of you are long time repeat customers already familiar with what we offer.

Warning! If you order 100 bars and only get charged for one, we will have to cancel your order!

But we will try to fix things as soon as possible.

Shipping configuration is the hard part, long gone are the days the USPS offered 2lbs in 2days for $2.00!

Everything is based on weight, dimension and destination so prices vary a lot.

If the shopping cart doesn't calculate enough postage, especially for the west coast we will let you know if there is additional postage due.

If you wish to cancel you can, we will not charge you extra without prior notice and confirmation.

Try not to break anything while you are here :)

As always, thanks for stopping by and buying our products, especially our long time customers!

We would NOT be here without you! 

Leave your comments below or contact us

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